"But surely, there was nothing there but a few cottages". So many people have said this of the area and period covered by this book. How little they knew! But the secrets were there, waiting only to be brought to light, and an indefatigable team of researchers painstakingly unravelled every strand of this fascinating web.

Basing her account very largely on over ten years' work by this group, Sylvia Harrop tells the whole story from 'Bad Sir Cuthbert' to the coming of the railway. And what a tale it is, with smugglers and fishing-stalls, haws-lookers and rabbit-rent, burleymen and gaud-gatherers. Characters rise from the past and come alive for us as their all-too-human behaviour unfolds. The reader is continually surprised by a way of life so different from our own it might almost be on another planet, yet so closely tied to the sea, sand and soil that it seems essentially right, to have grown from the place.

Yes, there was something there, and our ancestors who dwelt by these dunes deserve to be known, and their way of life appreciated. The reader is indebted to the authoress for the clear and easy style, illuminated by humour, in which she enables us to enjoy this discovery. This hardback book has both colour and black and white illustrations.

Sadly this book is now out of print, but you may be able to obtain a copy from a good second-hand bookseller.

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