New Birkdale is the story of how, from 1850, the Weld-Blundells created Birkdale Park, to which merchants, princes and manufacturers brought their families to live in great 'castles in the sand' tended by small armies of servants. It describes how the Weld-Blundells divided Birkdale on social lines, confining the cheaper properties to the 'other side of the railway track'. There is also an examination of the influence of the rapid suburban growth in new Birkdale on the agricultural community of old Birkdale, which was largely to be found on and around Birkdale Common.

Beyond describing the varied lifestyles of the residents in the different parts of Birkdale, this book explores how the landowner operated, the role played by the local authority, and the contributions of the men of local commerce, who built its hotels and railways, and leased land. Throughout the period a central issue was the relationship between Southport and Birkdale.

New Birkdale calls on little-known source material to help unravel the tangled web of Birkdale's history. Over 60 illustrations including important maps and photographs not previously published, illuminate the story in this hardback volume.

Sadly this book is now out of print, but you may be able to obtain a copy from a good second-hand bookseller.

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