This is the story of how Ainsdale developed from being a sparsely populated agricultural hamlet, with a population of only 176 in 1851, to becoming a thriving suburb with a population of over 16,000. Unlike Birkdale, this growth was not quickly or easily achieved. A feature of the book is an examination of the role of the landowners in bringing forward schemes for Ainsdale's development and an analysis of the gap between their ambitious aspirations and what happened on the ground. Much of their attractive illustrated promotional material will be new to readers.

The tension between the development of Ainsdale as a residential area and as a resort for trippers and holiday makers is also examined. The stories of other commercial enterprises in the sand-dune area are also told: they were considered as a site for dumping waste; large quantities of sand were extracted and sold; there were attempts to develop timber and oyster rearing industries; oil companies searched for underground deposits; and there was even a scheme to develop Ainsdale as a port for the Mersey. The impact of the growth in environmental concern and the designation and development of much of the sand-dune area as nature reserves is also traced.

Throughout the book, precedence is given to the economic, social, religious and political development of the community - Ainsdale's peoples' story. Fortunately this story is backed by the availability of many excellent photographs, a substantial number of which have not previously been published.

The story of Ainsdale is different and distinctive from other suburbs of Southport. New Ainsdale calls upon litte-known source material to unravel the web of its tangled history. All the evidence, however, points to Ainsdale's growth having been a "struggle".

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